About Me

Hey there!

Here is what I think you should know about me at this point:

  • I am passionate about health, nutrition, exercise, and life in general.
  • I am a nutrition and dietetic technician, specialized in designing personalized meal plans and offer nutritional advice.
  • I am always searching and learning new information to share with everybody.
  • I do not want to become a robot meant to do the exact same things every day for the rest of my life.
  • I am no fan of monotony and had been searching for my passion a long time until I found it.
  • I want to share my knowledge and findings with more and more people around the world.
  • I strongly believe that we are the only ones responsible for what’s happening inside out minds and bodies. We can live happy without fear of failure as long as we stand up and embrace our true calling fueled by a powerful desire and will to live in harmony.

As you get to know me, either through my posts, e-books, conversations, you will learn more about my passion for health and for helping others. You will not find articles on this blog that lack real information.

I welcome you to my life experience and hope you get to share a little bit of your own as well.


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