Is Gluten Bad for Athletes?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding gluten and for good reasons. Some studies have been made but no major one involving athletes and gluten consumption. So, it is hard to say for sure whether gluten affects an athlete's performance. Well, one can easily determine that celiac disease or mere gluten intolerance may trigger symptoms... Continue Reading →


Soft, Sugar-free Chocolate-Chip Cookies

You know those chocolate-chip cookies in the stores that wink at you and can’t wait to be eaten? You also know that “temptation” is not always healthy but want that chocolate-chip cookie so badly. I have a solution: my own chocolate-chip cookie recipe. It’s healthy, sugar-free (it does not contain refined sugars) but sweet,... Continue Reading →

Green Tea and Fat Burning

Green tea has long been seen as one of the healthiest drinks out there. So we have water that’s vital and then we have green tea, not only for weight loss (as many might think) but also for its antioxidant effects. Green tea is filled with substances that have outstanding effects on your health. What... Continue Reading →

Banana with Seeds and Peanut Butter

Are you looking for a quick snack that also influences your energy levels? This next delicious snack combines the sweet taste of the banana with the sour pinch of pomegranate seeds. Not only will the taste surprise you but the texture will too. Imagine a pudding-like texture due to the chia seeds, a creamy texture... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Increase your Metabolism

You probably keep hearing about metabolism. Some people have a slow metabolism and others a more active one. Metabolism could be the one preventing you from achieving your goals. But what is it and how can you use it to its maximum capacity?

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